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Tapas review

Patatas Bravas Patatas Bravas

One of the main reasons for a vacation in Spain is the extraordinary cheap and delicious food. There are many possibilities for every kind of budget. Let’s start with the cheapest way to try and get the most typical andalusian tapas: the Mercado Provenzal, a franchise that is most of all known for its “caña” (a small beer) for incredible 40cents.


One could think that cheap does not necessarily mean good but this place is an exception. You can find the cordobese Salmorejo (a kind of tomato soup with bread in it) and  Patatas Bravas (potatoes with a spicy sauce) in here, but also healthy meals like Espinacas con Garbanzos or filled pepper. This place is ideal for trying different types of food and getting an idea of the andalusian cuisine.

The next place to go to in Cordoba is La Caña de España. For 1,50-2€ you get a tapa and a drink.


In my opinion the tastiest tapa is the Pastel de Berenjenas. A casserole with eggplant. The view of the Templo Romano gives this place a very special atmosphere and underlines the varities of cultures that you can find in Cordoba.


The uncontested place to be for the cordobese families is the Moriles – Chain. There are three restaurants in Cordoba that belong to it. All in Calle Antonio Maura. The one with the most typical furniture and architecture and perhaps the cosiest atmosphere is probably the Moriles Patanegra. You can choose three different sizes of the portions: tapa, “media ración” and “ración”. Moriles has a big variety of tapas and the fact that many locals visit this place regularly argues for it beyond doubt.

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