Reise-, Foodfotografie und Tipps
Reise-, Foodfotografie und Tipps

5 spanish habits for a happier life

1. Have some “tapas” with your friends

The Word only describes a little portion of a meal in fact. A “tapa” can be everything: sandwiches, potatoes etc. This shows that it does not always have to be the big luxurious meal; the important thing is to sit together, have a little chat and enjoy the company.

2. ¡Relájate!

In our effiscient society, everything has to work as fast as possible. The majority of the people get mad when the subways is a bit late or there is a queue at a shop. In five months in Spain, I have noticed that the Spanish people do not let themselves be disturbed by such things. They just think to themselves: “¡No pasa nada!” (It doesn’t matter).  So, next time you stand in line of a huge supermarket queue, just take a deep breath and have a little chat with one of your “fellow sufferers” and relax.

3. A little siesta never killed nobody

What is more relaxing than a “little” three-hour-nap when it’s hot outside? Probably not everybody lives in the south of Spain and has to cope with 40 degrees in the shadow. Though that, a little power nap makes you feel refreshed and recharges your batteries for the rest of the day. So, although you don’t have time from 14-17pm, do it like the Spanish and take some time for yourself.

4. There is always a reason to have a fiesta

One of the most striking things during my stay in Spain was the number of parties and festivals I noticed in the streets. Cordoba even has a full months of celebrations: la batalla de flores, la cata de vino, la fiesta de los patios, la feria de Córdoba. And of course the whole city participates in the events. Although I thought Spain was in a quite critical situation at the moment you would never think of it just by observing the people. But in my opinion this is why we should admire the Spanish. They could sit at home and sink into self-pity but instead of this, they go out and enjoy themselves. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to have fun. The important thing is a positive attitude.

5. Spend more time with la familia

Walking through the streets of Cordoba, you notice so many children walking around with their mother or their parents in general. The central and north European countries seem to be very different in this aspect. The individual is always in the center of the attention and being considered as independent is very important. Of course, it’s good to have a good personality but you should not forget your roots and the persons who played a big role during your whole life. So, do it like the Spanish people and meet up with your parents and relatives the next time instead of dedicating them just the couple of seconds it takes to write a message.

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